Introducing a new, user friendly way to archive older transactions and accelerate the performance of your Agilisys© ERP system.

As your ERP database grows in size, ArcXcel© database archiving tool provides the expert solution for removal and storage of historical data.   Use ArcXcel© to reverse the trend of slowing performance and get your system back on the fast track.  Enjoy increased employee productivity from faster response time, quicker backups and restores, and more efficient use of limited disk space.

Using a user friendly graphical interface, simply specify the business rules for the data archive and ArcXcel© will generate the archive plan and list all tables to be included in the archive, including the number of rows to be archived and the total database reduction in megabytes.

ArcXcel© is compatible with Adage versions 2.6 through 6.0.3.  

ArcXcel© Brochure (PDF)

ArcXcel© Clients

DDN Pharmaceuticals

Bondo Corporation

Blue Diamond Growers

Cumberland Packaging

Lopez Foods

National Steak & Poultry

Mohawk Wood Finishes Group

ArcXcel© Testimonials

"Bondo Corporation has been exceptionally pleased with the results achieved by utilizing the ArcXcel product.  Measurable performance gains have averaged 35% or better in average session throughput with performance doubling on certain high volume scripts we run daily.  The professional team at Southern Tech has made the implementation easy and fast.  Bondo suffered no loose elements or data loss in the process.  The application was thoroughly tested and the intuitive GUI makes ongoing archival easy and quick. To start our initial implementation we requested specific enhancements to the base product and negotiated a startup consulting arrangement for training and onsite support.  The services provided proved to be fair and well managed with excellent training and documentation.  I would highly recommend the Southern Tech team for any of your systems needs."  - Tom Robert, IT Director

"ArcXcel enabled Blue Diamond Corp. to archive Adage data and was a much better solution than writing an archive procedure in house.  Southern Technologies was very responsive during our testing and usage of the product.  They were quick to respond to issues related to our customizations of Adage.  Archiving data improved performance and reduced backup times." - Joe Potts, Director of Information Services

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