Cycle Counting Program

Southern Technologies has developed an advanced methodology for allowing cycle counting to occur without having to stop all activities in a warehouse during a count operation.  This saves labor and increases operation efficiencies.  The system is flexible, user friendly, and includes built in security and reporting.  Click the links below to view screen shots.  For a live demo, please contact us.

- Select list based on enhanced criteria
- Create you own custom "count groups"
- Preview count selection before creating the count list

- Print Count Sheets (blind or with quantities)
- See variance and totals as counts are entered
- Add notes at count header and detail levels

  • View Variances / Post Adjustments

- Closing list creates ending inventory snapshot and computes variances
- Select the items to adjust in Adage and specify adjustment qty
- Users must have adjustment authorization within the dollar amount of the adjustment.
- Count accuracy & totals display at bottom of the page
- Clicking on the binoculars icon loads an inventory transaction screen that shows all transactions that have occurred since the count began, as well as all open receipt or issue transactions from various open documents.
- If adjustment exceeds user's authorization limit, an email can be automatically generated requesting approval. 

- View statistics based on select criteria and date range